Wednesday, 26 March 2014

 These are some important points to be remembered for getting selected in JEE

Know your strengths and Weaknesses

You can plan the journey to the destination well if you know the start point. You need to understand your strengths and weaknesses for any test preparation, like you can be strong in Mathematics, average in Physics and totally clueless in Chemistry. This is important because then you will create your plan to turn your weaknesses into strengths and ignore certain weaknesses if they are not important from exam point of you and improve your strengths.

Practice Hard

Don't forget that only learning chapters will not take you anywhere, it is questions that you need to answer in the final
Thesepoints should be kept in mind while preparing.....
General analysis of paper:
As per analysis of last year JEE  papers, 25% questions are easy, 50% are average and 25% questions are difficult. Experts say it is better to attempt theoretical questions first and then questions which require calculation.
Be quick and accurate
During exam time two most important factors are speed and accuracy. Remember that high speed with less accuracy is the most dangerous thing, it can ruin your results.
students need to approach every set of problems differently and with separate methodologies, don’t be in hurry,think twice before marking any answer.
Select your questions wisely
Don’t be panic while solving your paper, first filter out all easy and average problems for you and answer them . After solving all of them take a break of 1 min and then look at all remaining problems

  Time management

Time management is very important. If you train yourself well now, while you are preparing for the exams, managing your time during the real exams will become a lot simpler. Set a time limit, wherein, you must finish the paper within the stipulated time. With regular practice, you will be able to master this.

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